We Offer

Rails Performance Consulting

Scaling problems are good problems to have. However, performance bottlenecks can be stressful, time consuming to find, and even more difficult to know how to prioritize.

We’ve spent the last 10 years helping companies hold up under growing traffic. Gain insight and confidence into your application environment and infrastructure.

Your team can stay heads down working on your app — we’ll do a full-stack deep dive, ensure the right metrics are being monitored, and deliver well documented code fixes, config tweaks and next steps tailored to your business.

Pricing starts at $4500

Frontend Perf Consulting

Frontend optimization is required for great user experience, SEO and sales. But measuring is harder than it should be and can often give conflicting results.

Regardless of frontend framework or toolchain, we’ll identify and target the metrics that matter most, implement 2019 best practices and work to resolve common issues as render blocking javascript, bloated bundle sizes, lack of CDN coverage and more.

Pricing starts at $4500.

Every rubytune engagement optionally comes with a detailed report documenting work performed as well as suggestions for future stability and growth.

Meet Us

Sudara photo

Sudara Williams dabbles in "the fullest of stacks" but enjoys chewing on the tough bits. He wrote his first (and last) programming book in the 6th grade. He fell in love with ruby in 2005. He worked at Engine Yard, helping clients such as Github, Groupon and New Relic do the hard stuff (scale) before starting Rubytune in 2012. He runs alonetone, the open source artist platform.

Sudara (github, twitter) lives in Vienna, Austria where he plays ukuleles and synthesizers.

Will Jessop photo wide

Will Jessop deployed, scaled and debugged Rails applications at Engine Yard before doing a 5 year ops stint at Basecamp (37signals). He does exactly the right amount of thinking before doing, writes tooling in Go and Ruby, and generally is a a very British human being.

Will (github, twitter) lives in Manchester, UK, where he fiddles with robots.


Joshua Sierles worked in security and systems administration since the early days of the web. Before starting Rubytune in 2012 with Sudara, he helped build the Basecamp ops team and infrastructure.

Peter Woo consulted with Rubytune from 2014-2016 and built tooling like Perf Check before heading off to defend the internet at the EFF.

Nathan Bertram consulted with Rubytune from 2016-2019 where he tuned apps and kicked off the second generation of our open-source performance testing tool, Perf Check CI.

Rubytune Love

As a solo founder, performance optimization has never been my strong point. Sudara saved me so, so much time and so, so many headaches by quickly diagnosing, fixing and improving — all while keeping in close communication. Honestly, you might be surprised at just how fast your app can be! (Frontend & Rails)

Steve Benjamins

Just FYI, @jsierles and @sudara at rubytune are superheroes.

Rich Thornett
Co-founder & lead dev

If I could hire these guys full-time,
I would.

Corey Donohoe

When it comes to tuning critical Rails applications, Sudara and Joshua are two top picks.

Chris Stolt
Director of Support

Over the years, Joshua has given me invaluable advice, from Rails deep dives to Chef server provisioning. Highly recommended.

Jacqui Maher
Assistant Editor Interactive News
The New York Times

I’ve worked with both of these guys. They know what they’re doing.

Martin Kavalar
CEO & lead dev

We Offer

  • Full-stack performance reviews
  • Frontend performance optimization
  • Database & Active Record tuning
  • Server configuration and scripting
  • Downtime/outage investigations
  • Troubleshooting tough errors and slowdowns

We would be happy to discuss your app and help you determine your needs.
Our rate is $300/hour with a 15-hour minimum retainer.